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Coaching is an incredible collaboration resulting in a greater understanding of your strengths and limitations, then building on that self-knowledge to improve your business and personal life. Coaching can provide perspective and practical advice to help you:

  • Create the vision for your Perfect Business or Perfect Life
  • Help define and set business, income, and personal goals
  • Suggest appropriate approaches for reaching your goals
  • Maintain focus
  • Monitor progress

My coaching is designed to be part of the background, not the center of the action. That role always remains with you! Instead, I provide ideas, positive support and encouragement to empower you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Coaching is for Winners:
World class athletes know that the right coach can mean the difference between “good” and “great” performance. If you compare it to golf…it’s not about changing your game; it’s really about fine-tuning your swing. Now people outside the sports world are discovering that when it comes to something as important as optimum performance in the game of life, the rest of us deserve to benefit from a coach, too!

Coaching Works for Several Reasons:

  • The synergy between us creates momentum
  • By working together you gain greater clarity, making it easier to find solutions
  • You’ll develop new skills, which translate into greater success
  • Better goals are set…ones that naturally pull you toward your goals rather than require you to push yourself

How do the appointments work?
Much of the coaching is “telecoaching”, where the coach and the client “meet” by telephone several times a month. The time that is allotted per month for the client is determined by the coaching package that you want (see the Programs page). What many people new to coaching don’t understand is that most of the coaching takes place between the coaching calls. This is when the important “a-ha’s” happen. Group telecoaching is available, as well as on-site coaching and workshops.

Steps We Can Work on Together:

  • Perform Analyses and Assessments of where you are now
  • Design Goals, Results, and Supportive Environments
  • Discover hidden blocks to success
  • Review decision-making processes
  • Tap into your vision and abilities
  • Care for yourself as a human being, not a “human-doing”
  • Actualize abundance in your relationships, thinking, and results
  • Develop you as a “manager coach”

What Can My Clients Expect from Me?

  • Honesty Integrity Humor Passion Focus
  • Compassion Knowledge Support Drive Insight
  • Experience Perspective Expertise…and an occasional “wake-up call
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